Electronic archiving

We offer our clients the widest range of archiving services.

Did you already analyse the necessity of electronic archiving services?

Let's analyse together the necessity of implementing this solution and, together with our partners that are electronic archiving services specialists, we will meet your requirements.

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When do you need electronic archiving services?

Creating an electronic archive brings important benefits to companies that have a high rate of access to archives, helping them to:

  Quickly identify and visualise any document that is electronically stored

  Differentiated access to data, depending on the user's profile


Electronic or physical archiving?

Creating an archive is an essential step in every company, as each document creator is subject to the archiving laws and has the obligation to ensure optimum organising and storing conditions for physical documents.

It is mandatory for companies that issue official documents to create a physical archive (on paper), independently of the optional creation of an electronic archive, the latter solution being just a supplementary help.

The benefits of outsourcing the physical archiving to Archivit

The archive's security - We own the only building in Romania that was specially constructed for archive storing!

You are in total control of your archive - Allow your employees to quickly access the company's archive, knowing in every moment the archive access history and the assured confidentiality level.

This is possible in the case of an electronic archive too!

Optimised costs - Our specialists will inform you in advance about the expiration of the legal storage term of the archive and the possibility of securely destroying it. This way,  you won't waste money on the storage of expired boxes.

Optimise your time - A research that was released in the USA shows that employees waste around 20-40% of the time spent at work on trying to find different documents.

 Your archive is safe - Both during the transportation and in the depository, your archive boxes are safe, as we own the highest security standards on the market.

Physical archiving steps

Providing both the archive boxes and the transportation to the client

Packing and classifying files according to the legal storage period length

Taking into custody and transporting the archive to the Archivit depository

Checking in the boxes and composing the data base

Storing and archive accessing

Electronic archiving steps

  Evaluating the physical archive and determining the scanning and indexing rules

  Transporting the documents – if the archive is converted into an electronic format at the office of the provider

  Scanning the documents

  Indexing the electronic documents

  Storing the images on electronic storage devices. As far as both creating and storing the archive are concerned, all the steps of the document archiving process are carried out at the highest quality standards. These series of actions are delivered by our specialists in the case of physical archiving, and by our partners in the case of electronic archiving.

If you would like to request physical archiving services or electronic archiving services but you don't know which choice is the best solution for your company, contact us and we'll get to you in the shortest time.


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